Vietnam is the pretty attractive place. They have amazing sceneries, and their infrastructure is one of the best in the world. They have some famous buildings that attract the tourist in the world. All of the world best hotels are in this country. They incorporate different cultures in the hotel so that they attract different tourist around the world.

Vietnam’s economy has improved so much, and they are earning 50 percent of it from tourism.  The country is overall planning to work on their tourism strategies because they are providing the best travel packages and thus they are working more on it. If you visit Vietnam, you should follow this guide.

  1. Light a lantern in Hoi An:

In this place, you can see a kaleidoscope of colors and lightening lanterns. People in Vietnam celebrate a 7-day event in which participants light a lantern.

This event is organized almost every month so if you go to those places to participate in the event.

  1. Cruise the Mekong Delta

After going more than 4,000 kilometers from the Tibetan Himalaya, the Mekong hits Vietnam and backs off to a more sluggish pace.

With islands, rice paddies, stilted towns and a lifestyle that hasn’t changed for quite a long time, maybe the waterway needs to relax and douse up the view. If you go there, you should cruise through this stream.

  1. Drop into the world’s largest cave:

The residential area of Phong Nha is the epicenter for the territory’s giving in experiences. Here you can enlist the two aides and the rigging you’ll have to plummet into the caverns. On the off chance that going underground doesn’t advance, the region is likewise well known for trekking.

The encompassing wilderness is peppered with staggering cascades and functioning (and uproarious) populace of monkeys and flying foxes.

  1. Search for the best food in Vietnam:

The best thing about any place is the food available there. People love to have food and food is important for them. Hanoi is the best place to have food here, and they have different cuisines here.

  1. Go to church Vietnamese-style:

Caodaism is a Vietnamese half breed religion established in the 1920s. It wires Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, mysterious and Islam with a definitive plan to break free of the cycle of life and demise.

The group loves, among others: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and even French writer Victor Hugo. So if you go there to visit there.