Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian Dynasty is responsible for commissioning the amazing and massive Colosseum somewhere around 72 to 80 A.D. This huge stone amphitheater is located on the eastern side of the Roman Forum.

Different games played in this amphitheater includes wild animal fights and gladiatorial combats. These games continued in the arena for almost four centuries.

The theater couldn’t stand the hardship of times, and nearly two-thirds of the massive stone arena has been destroyed. This place is a huge attraction for tourists and an iconic symbol of Rome’s rich history.

The name Colosseum is derived from a Latin word “Colossus” The meaning of this word in colossal. It is named so, because of the presence of a gigantic stone statue of the emperor Nero near the site of the Colosseum. The arena is built after untiring hard work of almost 60000 slaves.

Visiting the Colosseum

Colosseum in Rome is the must-see artifact. Visiting this historical venue requires you to buy tickets. Colosseum Rome Tickets also allows you to enter the Roman forum as well as the Palatine Hill and the Museum. There are two different types of entries available for the visitors. 

Entry Without Ticket 

The visitors who want to visit the Colosseum without the tickets have to queue up outside. Also, the visitors without the ticket may not be able to visit the Palatine Hill, Museum, and the Roman Forum.

Entry with Advance Tickets

The visitors having the advanced tickets can skip the queue altogether and move straight to the security. The tours include different packages that will allow you to visit many historic and beautiful places in Rome. 

Available Modes of Transportation

Traveling to Rome is done using different modes of transportation. These modes include traveling through shuttle bus services, shared shuttle transfers, private transfers in luxury cars and many more. 

Tours in Italy

Italy is a country of great historical significance and beautiful landscapes. You can start your tour with wine tasting in Tuscany. After that, move towards the magical atmosphere of the amazing and historic city of Florence. Shopping can be done in Milan.

Have Pizza for lunch in Naples. Enjoy the sunset while driving through the scenic Amalfi Coast and climb the Dolomites. To top it off, boat through the canals of Venice, finally ending your day with an excursion to Sicily.


These outings or tours are guided, explaining the significance of the historic city of Rome and beautiful country of Italy. The guide can give a comprehensive review of different attractions available in the city and country.