Around 40 million tourists are welcomed by Thailand last year as it is one of the perfect places or even to be called as a mind-expanding destination for vacations. To discover Thailand properly you will need a month or more, however, one week or ten days are enough to have a fantastic holiday. Travel guides such as the Thailand Travel Hub can really help with planning a trip and offer some great advice and tips.

Reasons to visit Thailand:


Roadside stalls containing spiciest Tom yum soups and restaurants are the attractive sites of Thailand, street foods along with plastic tables as well as chairs with Christmas tree lightings on the top with refreshing cold beer adds up to the beauty of Thailand. Long lists of food containing noodles, soups majorly, and rice and seafood dishes are highly cognitive and extinguishing aspects of Thailand food.

Meals depending on extra topping that could be witnessed in TOPS supermarket where dishes of own choice can be selected along with the provision of seating. Cuisines with most interesting ingredients and dishes featuring things add up to the beauty of Thai Food. It’s also the most vegetarian-friendly destination.

Islands and Beaches

Islands and beaches being phenomenon aspects of Thailand attract people all around the world. Numerous books and articles are devoted to Thailand’s marvelous Beaches. Scuba Diving is another phenomenon aspect as well as Snorkelling trips that are majorly available either through the hotel or local agent. These trips are accurately organized and supervised through these agents. Accessing remote reefs and islands where there is a great variety of marine life provided.

Kayaking, Jet Skiing, and Banana Boating are the appealing water activities and hence thereby providing great entertaining events to the water sports lovers. The pleasant atmosphere merged with the appealing nature of beach life can be quite easily witnessed.


Thai people, their cooperative nature and positive attitude towards their lives can be heard from the numerous sites. As been said, these people are always welcoming to the tourists and very tolerant too. Talking about Western men moving to Thailand, they somehow enjoy the company of Thai ladies as they being charming, feminine, smart and beautiful, add up to the beautiful site of Thailand. These people posed to be very helpful and sincere as determined by the majority of tourists. They are usually literally very pleasant to talk, walk with.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living is comparatively very lower in Thailand in such a way that the Food along with accommodation expenses is relatively very cheap as demonstrated by the tourists. The provision of transport facility is highly reasonable as Cabs available there are very comparatively cheap.

Running shoes, as well as sports clothes, can be easily bought as they are relatively cheap there. Buying or purchasing such stuff when you visit either Thailand or Malaysia, contain 30% fewer prices comparable to what you pay in the UK.


Large numbers of pubs, clubs as well as discos, indoor and outdoor restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. are all appealing features of the Thailand nightlife.  Patpong, Nana Entertainment Plaza, etc. are included in the popular red light areas in Bangkok, and either in Pattaya or on the Phuket island are all representation of naughty nightlife.

Life Pace

Life in Thailand can be comparatively amazing due to low living costs along with excellent facilities been provided there and hence better than the west without any financial issue.  No doubt, Thailand provides a quietly-contented along with peaceful and low stress-life to the tourists all around the world.


Thai people, their religion, their beliefs, their history are all quite fascinating and appealing. Thai dancing, arts, martial arts, religious festivals and events, traditions, crafts are all interesting aspects of its culture. There is huge exposure to learn about from Songkhran to Loy Krathong along with Ayutthaya to Wat Arun.