Located in South-east Asia, Myanmar is one of the top-most nations concerning diversity and culture. With a history that can be traced back to thousands of years, the culture of this small country is adored and respected by historians and enthusiasts alike all over the world.

During summers, it’s a normal sight to see a group of tourists roam through the colorful streets and market of the capital. If you’re planning to visit Myanmar and are compiling a list of places you have to visit or things you have to do, worry not. Here is our recommendation!

1. Meditate in ancient Buddhist temples!

Given the country’s long and intimate relationship with Buddhism, Myanmar hosts a plethora of temples that were built in the past few centuries and are not generally visited by the general public. Hop on a bike or rent a cycle, it’s highly recommended that you go out of the popular tourist locations and find these spots! (There are several temples near Kyaukgu Umin, to the east of the market town of Nyaung U)

2. Go swimming under waterfalls!

Not popularized as a destination for a watery getaway, Myanmar also hosts several scenic locations which are accentuated by the presence of ever-flowing rivers and waterfalls.

Pyin Oo Lwin, which is roughly east of Mandalay, was a frequent vacation spot for European visitors in the 1900s due to the presence of a sequence of waterfalls (Dat Taw Gyaint fall is the most famous in the local region.)

3. Visit Myeik and relive history!

Myeik is a port-town in the south and is a remnant of the pre-colonial days that the company underwent through. However, the intricate design and architecture, coupled with the popular sandy beaches are a sight to behold.

To reserve booking in a nearby hotel in this region, get in touch with a reliable Myanmar travel agent well before summer comes around.

4. Visit the Taunggyi fire balloon festival

A country that has a rich culture that revolves around traditions and festivities is bound to have unique celebrations when the festive season comes around. The fire balloon festival, which happens in November, includes a competition of hot-air balloons and each night ends with excessive drinking, dancing, singing, and fireworks.

If you want to get a tinge of how the locals celebrate their local events, this is the best place to go!