Officially called ‘Republic of Lithuania’ is a country in north-eastern Europe. It borders with Poland, Latvia, and Belarus and is referred to as one of the Baltic States. With a population expected to be of 2.8million, the capital of the country is Vilnius and is popular for some major cities like Kaunas.

Tourist attractions

Lithuania is a country with rich culture and traditions making it a tourist dream country. Located in north-eastern Europe, the state offers many tourist sights.

  • Kaunas

It is very likely that you will be coming to the country and Kaunas will be the first city you will be exploring as it is full of rich culture and traditions. It is in between two of the largest rivers of the country, Nemunas, and Neris.

  • Vilnius

Another city in the country you would not want to miss is Vilnius. There are many ways you can reach Vilnius from Kaunas airport. Kaunas airport to Vilnius is a path full of adventure and filled with memories.

You can take a taxi which would cost 80-100€. Or you can use a train or buses which would cost around 8€.

  • Kernave archaeological site

The site is located roughly 20 miles from Vilnius, and you can take a taxi from Vilnius to the site as well.

This site has served as a central town during the middle ages, and much of the town has been preserved for archaeological reasons. This place is extremely intriguing for archaeologists or people who love ancient heritages.

  • Dzukija national park

The Dzukija national park is the largest national park in the country with over 91% of the land covered in forests. Most of the forests are covered with pine trees, and the park is home to over 50 mammals and many other species which adds to the beauty of the place.

Many small villages, rivers, and lakes are found in the park. The number of lakes is over 40 while 30 streams are flowing inside the park.

  • Alytus

Alytus is an ancient city in the country which has witnessed a lot of history. Dating back to the 14th century, the city features beautiful forest and over 10-mile-long river bend. This city is a cultural place with a saddening history. Many buildings and bridges built during the second World War have seen many tragic stories which make the city as well as the country worth visiting.