Patagonia is a sparsely populated region at the southern part of South America which is shared by Argentina and Chile. This region compromises of mountains, deserts, pampas, and grasslands. Patagonia is one of the few regions with coasts on three oceans.

Many geographers and historians visit the region for the northern limit which is basically the Colorado and Barrancas river.

Torres Del Paine

Torres Del Paine is a national park in the region of Patagonia which is a highlight to the place. This national park solely attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

A trip to Patagonia would be considered incomplete if you do not visit Torres Del Paine and for this purpose, you have to plan your trip systematically.

When to go

The best time to go to Patagonia and avoid crowds with a good weather and experience is during the spring. During this time period, the flowers are in full bloom and greenery is everywhere making it the perfect photography place. There are photo tours that you can get as well in Patagonia with various packages.

One thing to be kept in mind of the traveler is that the weather of Patagonia is highly unpredictable and can fluctuate at any moment.

Patagonia photo tours

The region of Patagonia is at the southernmost part of America. The region is vast, empty and very peaceful. The landscape surrounding Torres Del Paine is something you could only imagine making it one of the most beautiful places to take a photo tour of. Many photographers have captured tons of stunning beautiful pictures of the place.

Photo tour of Patagonia accomplishes a lot in just a few days. all locations are different on each day depending on the weather and the lighting conditions.

Your food, shelter, traveling and all other requirements are fulfilled by the photo tour package which you are paying for.

What to expect

The etymology of Patagonia is ‘patagon’ which was used in the 1500s to describe the natives. Patagon meant ‘giants’ and was used because the natives were taller than the average Europeans.

This region with its inspiring landscapes will keep you awestruck. Most parts of the region compromise of plains covered with vast vegetation. There are lakes and ponds of fresh water in these hollow plains. One can also find glaciers and ice-fields in the western side of the region.