If you’re thinking about planning a vacation and you want to go someplace that is a bit of a change from the norm, how about Vietnam? The landscapes are amazing, the people are super-friendly, the food is great – and best of all, it’s affordable.

If this has piqued your curiosity, but you’re wondering if it’s a place that’s safe and entertaining enough for your children, Vietnam definitely is. The key is knowing certain things beforehand so that you can be well-prepared before your arrival.

So if you’d like a few tips that will make your vacation pleasurable for both you and your children, keep these following five things in mind:

1.Go during the spring.

Every vacation spot has a time of year that is most preferred. When it comes to Vietnam, many natives and tourists alike will recommend the spring. The temperatures are mild and there isn’t much inclement weather. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of a lot of outdoor activities, which is always ideal for children.

2.Research child-friendly places beforehand.

There is a wide variety of things to do with your children while in Vietnam. Basically, it all depends on what part you plan on visiting. For instance, if you’re going to go to Northern Vietnam, you may want to take a cruise along Halong Bay where you and your children can kayak and even take cooking classes.

You may also want to go to Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, because it has lots of museums and landmarks. Or, if you would prefer to spend some time in Central Vietnam, the city of Nha Trang has an amusement park, and in Southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is a favorite spot for many.

You can find out more things to do by going to your favorite search engine and putting “family things to do in Vietnam” in the search field.

3.Get some medical insurance.

A huge tip to know before leaving for your vacation is to make sure that you have some medical insurance. There is no free medical assistance in Vietnam, even in the case of an emergency. And if you had to pay out of pocket, it could get pretty expensive.

4.Book a reservation on the first night only.

If you were to speak with someone who works for a company like Blue Ocean Travel about something else that you should know about Vietnam travel, they might tell you to book a hotel reservation ahead of time. Just make sure that it’s only for one night.

The reason why is because you can usually find some pretty nice hotels at cheaper rates by walking through the streets (including the side streets). However, being that you will have children with you, it’s best to know exactly where you are going on the first day and then look for something else during daytime hours on the next.

5.Don’t drink tap water.

You will see a lot of places on the street where you can eat food and for the most part, so long as you see long lines and the food is cooked in front of you, they are safe.

However, when it comes to liquids, make sure that you do not drink tap water or anything that comes in a cup. It needs to be in a bottle with a safety cap. For more travel tips, contact a reputable travel agent.