We all love to travel, but when we travel with children it can be a little nerve shattering. Children love to make noise and cause a ruckus whenever possible, regardless of where they are. So, how do you deal with your children when you travel? It all depends on their age group.

If you have a toddler or a kid who is under 5 years old, then they are going to have to be monitored constantly. Don’t expect to go on a pleasurable vacation when you have to watch kids constantly. The best tip you can follow in these situations would be to travel with another adult, if possible.

If you are married with kids, then go with your husband or wife whenever you travel somewhere. That way each of you can take turns watching the kids, while you can get a little break away from it all.

If you are traveling with older kids, like 6-13 age range, then they will be a little more disciplined and easy to keep distracted. If you are on a plane, then your kids can simply play a handheld video game console the whole time.

A Nintendo 3DS can do wonders to a child’s mind during a long plane ride. It will keep them distracted and settled in their seat. Without this distraction, they could end up causing problems out of boredom. Also, make sure you have an exciting destination picked out for your children to look forward to.

For example, if you are traveling with your kids to Disney World and they start acting up during the trip, you can use their excitement to settle them down on the trip. Say something like, “If you don’t quiet down, we won’t stay an extra day at Disney World.” You may call it bribery, but these days it is the only way to get through to kids’ heads.