Planning to visit Myanmar which is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia? This will be a memorable event of your life. You will find different unique things in the country. The people of this area are fantastic, and they will welcome you cordially.

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However, if this is the first time visit to you to Myanmar, you should know what to experience there. Here I have shared top 5 things that you can experience when traveling Myanmar.

  1. Travel Overland Myanmar

Though most of the visitors fly into Yangon and Mandalay, but there are also some other places where you should visit. The country has four border points with Thailand. These border points are open for the tourists, and no need permits to cross. There are also border with China and India. To pass these places, you need to take the permission before visiting.

  1. Go to a Festival

There are thousands of festivals arrange in Myanmar in every year. These festivals are the way of their celebration. If you want to explore the local culture and local people, then you should visit those festivals. You can eat a variety of local foods in those celebrations. Also, mix with the local people to invent the culture of them. No matter in which area you are visiting of Myanmar, you will find some festivals for sure.

  1. Local Fresh Market

Whenever you are attending a new country, make sure that you have visited the local market of that country. And when it is Myanmar, you will miss so many things if don’t visit the local markets. The land of Myanmar is very fertile, and they grow varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits. Visiting local markets will give you the chance to explore those fresh fruits and vegetables. This will also give you a clear concept how people are living there are what they eat and shop. You can even buy something from the market. Take the help of your guide and purchase some fresh fruits to try.

  1. Testing the Local Foods

Don’t miss the amazing cuisine of Myanmar. You will find a lot of local foods in the local restaurants. However, you can also visit some famous restaurants of Yangon to discover the local foods. Variety of fishes are available in the country. Try most of the fish items. Here you will have to eat rice as a local food. You can also try a variety of salads with fresh vegetables and fruits. Different drinks are also available.

  1. River Cruise

Want to enjoy some beautiful landscapes of Myanmar? Then my suggestion is to go for a river cruise. River cruise in Myanmar is affordable than other countries. Foods and accommodation are available on the ship. So, you will have a relaxing journey by seeing the beauty of riverside. You can also go for fishing during the river cruise.