Everyone loves a good tour of a stunning place, and there is a reason why millions upon millions of tourists flock to all kinds of places in the world, from bustling metropolises to exotic locales. Something is soothing and refreshing about the very act of visiting a different place because of the new experiences that you get and the memories you create.

However, the vanilla tour experience is not for everyone. If you want to indulge in a place as much as possible but you are short on time, or you merely want to avoid the crowd, a private tour would be ideal for you. In this article, we shall explore private day tours in the beautiful and religiously significant city of the Vatican.

What is a private tour?

Simply put, a private tour is one where you are proffered all the ground services by a personal guide, as well as a private car and chauffeur, to give you a personalized tour experience that doesn’t involve any mingling with the crowd. Ultimately, a service like this gives you greater flexibility, comfort, and security.

Private tours of the Vatican

The Vatican is revered as a holy city by Catholic Christians all over the world, not least because it houses the Pope. Also known as the smallest city in the world, it is nestled within the Italian capital of Rome. Other than the plethora of chapels and churches that you get to see over there, the intricate ancient sculptures, painstakingly designed frescoes and vivid paintings on the walls are all worth experiencing.

Vatican private tours will involve experiencing this grand city without the hassle of going along with the crowd thereby allowing you to immerse yourself in the city truly. A great skip-the-line Vatican tour involves touring both the holy city and the Roman Colosseum in one day so that you get to visit the two of the most popular Italian attractions.

Another example of a fine private tour is the one where you get to see the papal audience in the Nerve Hall, which is a goosebump-inducing experience, as the Pope welcomes the pilgrims. Furthermore, special needs private tours of places like the Sistine Chapel and the Pope’s crypt cater to as many disabilities as possible; the aforementioned places are among the many attractions that are accessible by wheelchair.

In conclusion, if you can afford a private tour of the Vatican, you should go for one as it will allow you to experience the city in a completely different way; one that is not only more secure, but far more enjoyable and memorable.