Whenever the topic of traveling in style and comfort comes up, most people talk about yachts or luxury airliners, but the existence of the Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) ensure that luxury and elegance will be associated with trains as well.

The VSOE is a luxury train that has been in operation ever since 1883 when it made its first journey from the romantic city of Paris to the richly cultured city of Istanbul.

It is the transportation mode of choice for members of an exclusive group, comprising of aristocrats, movie stars, writers and politicians.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the VSOE being the world’s leading luxury train.

Timeless and classic – the design

The first thing that you notice about the Orient Express is its design, which harkens back to the art deco movement of the early twentieth century.

With an elegant combination of blue and gold on the outside and rich wood paneling on the inside, traveling becomes a regal experience. The carriages themselves are finely and painstakingly designed to the point where they won’t look out of place in the 1920s and 1930s.

With interior and exterior decoration that is so pleasing to the eye, it is no wonder that the VSOE stands atop all other Luxury Trains.

Your sweet home – the boarding experience

Your compartment in the VSOE is pretty much the fines five-star hotel room that you can think of. Complete with an extremely comfortable bed, crisp white linen sheets, soft pillows, large sofas, elegant footstools and wash basin cabinets with hot and cold water, the compartment strives to give you a homely experience.

Other than the basic cabin, you get a Twin Cabin, the Cabin Suite (made up of two interconnecting Twin Cabins) as well as the Grand Suite, which definitively takes your traveling experience to the next level by providing you with a double bedroom, an impressive living area with a sofa and room for private dining and of course, a luxurious bathroom with all the amenities.

Three beautiful designed carriages serve as restaurants to satisfy your appetites, while another intriguing carriage known as the Bar Car serves stunning cocktails thereby ensuring that the passengers spend an unforgettable evening.

Oh, all the places you’ll see – the destinations

The VSOE is in operation from mid-March to November, and its most popular journey is London to Venice via Paris, and back. Other European destinations include the bustling cities of Berlin, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. Its longest journey is Paris to Istanbul, which it undertakes once a year.