If you are a travel enthusiast and/or adventurer, then we have just the thing for you! Say hello to Worldee, your gateway to a vast new world of travel, forming everlasting friendships and preserving the memories of your travels forever!

  1. What is Worldee?

Worldee is a brand new social networking site that has been engineered especially for frequent travelers and individuals looking to broaden their horizons with regards to travel and adventure. In many ways, Worldee has a similar setup as that of other popular social media sites, most notably Twitter.

  1. What can you do with Worldee?

With a straightforward user interface, anyone can set up a profile on Worldee with just a few clicks. Once you have a profile, you can enter information about your own past experiences with travel, whether domestic or international. You can list the countries that you have visited and the total number of trips that you have ever taken. Also, you can also photos of your travels if you wish to do so.

This makes your profile far more exciting and attractive for fellow Worldee users. You can also create individual albums for your various trips and name them accordingly. The more people that you have following your profile on Worldee, the more subscribers you will have.

  1. Features and Perks

On Worldee, you can connect with people similar to yourself, i.e. individuals that might have visited the same locations and/or countries, hence providing with fellow travelers that you can reminisce with. Also, you can even find people who plan on going on a similar trip as you. This allows you to interact and socialize with some fellow tourists and enhance your experience by a great deal.

As aforementioned, you can keep in touch with all those people via text messages and form long-lasting friendships throughout these trips. Much like Facebook, you can also use Worldee to save pictures and create albums from your travels that you can then share with your subscribers.


Worldee is a user-friendly and straightforward social networking setup that perfectly caters to the social networking needs of travelers. It allows you to connect with individuals much like yourself that you can share your experiences with and in turn, learn about theirs.

There is no doubt that Worldee not only provides a platform for people to talk about their travels but also allows them to make life long memories that they can cherish for the years to come! Happy travels!