Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and when you have the best Israel Tour Operator, you won’t miss out on these 9 things to do in Israel.

Floating in the Dead Sea

The dead sea is one of the lowest points on earth. With the water highly rich with minerals, float on it and let go of all your stress.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea

If you are a marine enthusiast, Eilat is the place that you are going to love. You will enjoy beautiful fish, coral reefs and glistening clear water and fantastic beach.

Amazing Ramon Crater 

As you travel for an hour, south of Beersheva, the majestic Ramon Crater awaits you. This 40 km long and between 2 to 10 km in width is naturally carved area as a result of climate and water erosions.

Sunsets on the beach of Tel Aviv

The gorgeous beach of Tel Aviv is the best place to enjoy a beautiful sunset with the one you love. Its romantic, and after the evening you can also enjoy a meal in any of the cafes at the beach.

Mountain Fortress of Masada 

South East of Israel marks the presence of the majestic mountain fortress of Masada, with a beautiful view of the Dead Sea. The historical significance as well as the different routes to reach the top should be enough to increase your curiosity.

Shopping in Shuk 

Are you looking for fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and spices? The open-air market of Shuk will fulfill your desire. Shopping in Shuk will give you a chance to interact with the people of this diverse and multi-cultural nation.

Visit the Israel Museum

Being ranked among the top venues of art and culture, the Israel museum shall help you understand the rich history of the country. The exhibits at the museum range from the pre-historic era to the modern era.

Visit the Yad Vashem 

Drawing more than a million tourists every ear, this place is memorial for the victims of the Holocaust. It is a vast complex containing museums, monuments and exhibition halls.

Visit the Baha’I Gardens in Haifa 

The Baha’I gardens are one of the most beautiful gardens of the world, having the memorial of the founders of the Baha’i faith. It attracts the pilgrims all around the year, and even though you are free to enter, modest dressing is appreciated.