When you spend too much time on your work alone, life can start to become boring and monotonous. One of the best ways to beat all the pent up stress is by taking a short city break. And to ensure that you do the least damage to the environment while you travel, we look at four interesting tips.

Schedule Your Visits

The first thing you need to do will be to plan out your visits. Have a clear idea of where to visit, which destinations to visit in that place, and so on. If you do not have any such clear cut plan, there is a real risk that you might spend too much time at a particular place, and never see much of it. And if you are riding by car, then this just translates to burning fuel without ever getting any good results from the journey.

So, try to avoid such incidents by planning your city breaks well in advance. And if you are unable to decide which places to visit, then check the internet for any lists by people who have already visited that place. For example, this interesting blog gives you a list of places to visit in London.

Ride A Bicycle

If the place you plan on visiting is nearby, then consider ditching your car. Instead, pick up a bicycle and start pedaling it. While this does help in cutting down on energy usage, it will also give your body a very good exercise for the day. In addition, there is a level of freedom you get from a bike ride that you will never experience from a car. When you ride a bike, you can essentially feel the wind on your face and have the perfect view of the place. So, why would you want to box yourself into a car?

Carry A Bag

Always carry an empty bag with you during the city break. This will make sure that you do not use too many covers from shops during the visit. For example, if you plan on traveling in London, then you might enter supermarkets and other shops along the way, picking up several covers. And if you don’t find any public dustbin nearby, you may have to throw the covers at an isolated location. This is obviously undesirable. You can avoid such actions if you carry a reusable bag with you.

Eco-Friendly Hotels

If the city break involves multiple day stays at a particular place, then try to only stay at hotels which are considered to be eco-friendly. Or at the very least, they must follow practices that have been deemed good for the environment, For example, the hotel might have a water recycling plant or zero plastic usage in the cafeteria, and so on. By staying in such eco-friendly hotels, you are cutting down on the carbon footprint and general wastage.

In addition to the above, you can also try using in-phone map apps rather than carrying a paper map every time. This will also help you make the trip eco-friendly, though on a smaller scale.