Traveling internationally is an experience that every individual must undergo through at least once in their life. When doing so, most of us commit ourselves to the local culture. We promise and ensure that we indulge and immerse ourselves as much as we can. However, this becomes a little tricky when food becomes involved.

The food industry blooms worldwide. However, not all food is good. Tourists and visitors often find themselves complaining about the quality of food they come across. An active solution for that is provided by the team present at!

What do they do?

FoodieAdvice is a group of enthusiastic food lovers who believe that everyone should have access to good food. The team travels frequently and is well-versed with the cuisine of several different nationalities. Doing so, they update their website accordingly and compile a list of good places where one can eat at if they are in the vicinity!


The FoodieAdvice family extends to all their loyal fans and followers as well. At FoodieAdvice, you can also give your input about your city! By doing so, you’ll be making sure that individuals who travel to your city can have access to good food that you love. Additionally, this will also give your city representation on the global level, and represent the quality of the cuisine of your country positively!


FoodieAdvice has a feature which enables its users to suggest different cities and where to find good restaurants. This feature allows users, who will be traveling to someplace, to make sure that the city’s cuisine culture is familiar to them. As mentioned above, the extensive user base then can suggest good places to eat for you. In a way, FoodieAdvice brings together food lovers from different parts of the world!

The current archive

FoodieAdvice’s current database includes a handful of popular tourist destinations from all over the globe.  This includes cities such as Barcelona, Mumbai, New York, Moscow, Athens, and many more. As of yet, FoodieAdvice has an archive of 32 cities. Under them, the team at FoodieAdvice has highlighted a list of the best places one can eat at.

FoodieAdvice is committed to bringing the world together through the collective joy of feasting and breaking bead. Hence, if you’re a food connoisseur, this is the best referral site for you!