Thailand is a country of different famous beaches of the world. If you want to spend your upcoming vacation with full of enjoyment, then you should visit Thailand. Notably, you should visit Phuket where you will find the most amazing beaches of the world.

Among different beaches, James Bond Island is the most famous. People, who are visiting Phuket, never miss the chance to visit this Island. This is no so far from the main city. For a better trip, you should take the service from a travel agency for James Bond island tour.

How to Go to the James Bond Island?

As I have mentioned before, the best way to visit the Island is taking a tour package from the travel agencies. There are different travel agencies you will find in online. Based on your requirement, you can then pick the best one.

However, if you don’t want to take the hassle of searching for the best one, should choose My Thailand Tours travel agency. Visiting the Island is mainly a one day tour. You need to go there with a speedboat to see all the places within the day. My Thailand Tour has a variety of packages for the tourists. Beside speedboats, you can also visit the Island with big boats, long tail boats, catamarans.

What Do You need to Carry When Travelling to Island?

This will be a day tour. So, there will be hot outside, and you need to protect yourself from the direct sunlight. So, carry a sunglass that gives protection from the sun heat and ray. Also, you should carry the sunscreen, sun hat for the protecting yourself from the heat.

For swimming, you should bring the necessary swimwear. Even, you can bring a light t-shirt for wearing during the tour. Don’t forget to carry a large beach towel if you want to spend the day on the island.

What to Explore In James Bond Island?

The main attraction for the tour to James Bond Island is the Nga Bay. This is one of the most beautiful tourist spots of Thailand. In 1974, the Movie James Bond Movie: The Man with the Golden Gun was shot on the Island. This is the main cause of the naming of the Island. Like the movie, you will find several sceneries besides the Island. You will also see the most popular being the upright standing rock on this Island.