Nothing beats the exuberance of smoking while enjoying the scenic beauty of nature. Colorado has tons of great spots for Cannabis lovers to camp and have a great time. We’ve listed down a few of them for you to explore for your Colorado vacation.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

One of the most popular destinations in Colorado, Red Rocks is cherished by locals and tourists alike. The place has two hiking trails, Geologic Overlook Trail and the Trading Post Trail.

The trail is lined up with red rocks giving quite a picturesque view. The amphitheater is an equally popular spot amongst the music enthusiasts as they flock up there every year.

You can view the snow piled up onto the mountains while smoking your favorite weed, certainly a win-win situation.

St. Mary’s Glacier

Located in Arapahoe National Forests, the place is simply a peak of nature’s beauty. With a 1.4 mile hike, you can easily get to the foot of the lake.

Adjacent to that you can view white glacier which is the perfect spot for less adventurous tourists as it’s not a steep hike. Whenever you visit, you’ll find the place filled with snowboarders and skiers having the time of their life.

We’ll say that you smoke some pot and then slide down your way on your belly, that’ll be some story to narrate to your friends.

The Crags

If you’ve got the whole day with you, head off to the Crags as it offers a longer hike trail. The 4.9-mile hike is filled with wooded patches along the way making it perfect to smoke some cannabis.

Although the hike is maybe a bit tiring for some, however, once you reach the summit it’ll all be worth it. The 360 view will certainly leave you in memorization of the place, and you’ll leave wanting more of it.

Hanging Lake

Renowned as the gorgeous lake of Colorado, Hanging Lake is a must-visit place. The hike is quite moderate, and there are many spots for you to enjoy your cannabis as well.

Hanging lake has a beautiful waterfall in its background which makes it ever wonderful.

However, you aren’t allowed to swim or jump into the water so please refrain from that as it can have terrible consequences.

You’ll feel an air of serenity and calmness while you visit this place. Be sure to pack your cannabis for the trail!