Andy Gawlowski is a rewarded travel photographer who lives in Zurich, Switzerland, but spends half of his time traveling the world for his photography. He has been doing professional photography for almost twenty years, but it took him some time to find his genre- Street and Travel Photography.

About travel photography, he believes it has meaning. Every snap taken has its own story which gives it significance. It also relies on the ability to react to different moods and lightings, to make the perfect capture. You can make or lose a great shot in a few seconds.

Because you never know what you are going to find around the corner, travel photography is a wonderful adventure. A travel photographer’s life never gets boring, as the photography is a very demanding process, which changes its requirements with every new journey.

The Swiss Photographer work has taken him all around the world. He has traveled to Morocco, China, Seychelles, and Cuba. In October 2017, he set off on a tour of the South Americas and photographed his travels in countries like Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. In Zurich, he distributes his time between his job as an industrial engineer and private travel.

His photos are a mixture of breathtaking landscapes, and some with people in them. The travel photographer’s photos capture the undocumented beauty of everyday life that is present around us, but we fail to notice. There is a moody touch to his images which makes you stare for unlimited minutes, trying to absorb the feel of the click.

One of his photos (harbor of Essaouira in Morocco) has been even chosen in the Top 50 in the Sony world photography awards 2017 (in category travel).

One of his life goals is to travel around the world in a camper van! He is currently saving and working towards this journey. The idea is to set out East from Zurich and go East, in a line until he comes back from the West!

This journey will take him across Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan, he will sail across the Pacific Ocean, travel through America, sail across the Atlantic back to Europe and then arrive back to Zurich from the west.

Andy has huge aspirations for his work and would go on lengths to pull off amazing projects!