The northeast region of the United States has some of the best vacation attractions that the country has the offer. With breath-taking beaches to some of the most exotic lands, it covers every sort of eye-appealing locations and activities that can result in a family having a good time.

Some of the most attractive beaches are present in the land of New England, Connecticut. Connecticut vacation rentals, however, can make a lot of difference when it comes to spending a good time. Here are a few to help you out.


Mystic is an area in Connecticut that offers a wide variety of vacation rentals. For individuals as well as families, there are island resorts, lodges, houses, and apartments, all available to take in. The most attractive spot for spending vacations is the Mystic Island Resort which is situated near a dock that can allow you to go swimming and fishing alongside all the perks of a resort as well.


Greenwich offers travelers an experience much closer to the country aspect of a lifestyle. With cottages and duplexes that are completely or in very few cases, mostly built from wood, the scenic and historic beauty of Greenwich offers a good vacation spot. One of the many places to stay is the Memory Lane Cottage. This has a scenic touch to it as well as the necessary comfort.


Similar to Greenwich, Westbrook also offers a very country-like experience to their travelers. We have placings such as Indian summer and Leaf Peeper Cottage and Cornfield Point Beachfront Small Cottage that truly signify that the simplicity of the country life is almost unparalleled and even to this day, carries the beauty and attractiveness that it did a long time ago.


Westport is a region which is closely associated with the marine aspect of Connecticut. With some of the gorgeous beaches and docks, Westport also offers a wide range of resorts and houses. Ocean Waterfront House offers a highly comfortable and luxurious stay with a view that gazes out to a beautiful beach. Moreover, there are also cottages available for a much more affordable bunch.

East Hampton

East Hampton houses some of the most amazing and attractive lake houses in Connecticut. The East Hampton Lakefront lake house a beautiful view into a lake with one of the most comfortable places to stay in Connecticut when on vacation.