Whitby in North Yorkshire, England is a very interesting coastal town. Its cobbled streets and windy beaches along with an Abbey that towers over the town’s streets are just a few of the things that make Whitby in North Yorkshire, England such an attractive place.

Unlike traditional coastal towns, it offers something unique and different including some of the best fish and chips in all of Yorkshire.

Whitby Abbey

When in Whitby, be sure to check out the Whitby Abbey, Captain Cook Memorial Museum and Whitby Walk. Whitby Abbey is in disrepair but its gaunt and imposing remains are considered the most romantic places in all of Great Britain. Located on top of a hill, this Abbey has seen many changes. It has even inspired Bram Stoker who wrote the famous novel Dracula. This abbey is more than 2000 years old.

Captain Cook Memorial Museum

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum is another place worth visiting in Whitby. This is a seventeenth century house that is located near the harbor and is the place visited by Captain James Cook when serving as an apprentice in 1746. This house was the property of the Quaker ship owner Captain John Walker under whom James Cook learned his trade. 

Whitby Walks

Whitby Walks has four different major walks that allow you to explore the more than one-thousand-year-old religious and nautical heritage of Whitby. These four walks include the Whitby Ghost Walks which allow you to spend about 75 minutes discovering some very strange and supernatural tales. There is a second walk that allows you to discover the places stalked by the vampire Dracula.

The third walk is called the Heritage Town Tours. It is a walk that you will find very entertaining as it is designed to inform and amuse you while taking in the different buildings and historical characters of Tawld Spot. Finally, be sure to check out the Illustrated Talks, which has some very nice slide shows that are again designed to inform and entertain you.

A Renowned Maritime Destination

Whitby in North Yorkshire, England is town and port that is located on the east coast of Yorkshire. Over the years, it has become a renowned maritime and mineral as well as tourist destination. The earliest settlement was reported in the year 656.

The Whitby Abbey is the oldest as well as a most well-known landmark. In the year 2011, about 13213 people lived in Whitby, which is slightly less than the 2001 figure of 13594. For a look at this interesting town be sure to check out the Whitby Skyline Stock Image by Pixel321.