When you want to spend your vacation in a peaceful area, you should visit a sea beach. There are so many beaches around the world. Some of them are overcrowded. Also, some stunning beaches will blow your mind with the beauty. If you are thinking to spend your next vacation in a beach, then choose the right one where you will enjoy. If you are unable to find the best beach for your upcoming tour, just read this article. Here I am going to introduce top 5 beautiful beaches of the world.

Blue Lagoon, Fiji

This beach is mainly a part of the Yasawa island. The best thing about the beach is, you will find crystal clear water in this place. Also, there is no gathering of so many people. So, you can spend your days on the beach peacefully. You will also love the scenario of around the beach. Fijis Blue Lagoon beach has different resorts for the tourists. They are spacious for accommodation, and you will love those resorts.

Tulum, Mexico

This beach of Mexico is also famous for its crystal clear blue water. This beach is the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. This is a white sand beach, and the surrounding area is also attractive. You will never feel bored on this beach. You can swim in the clear water, and it is the perfect place for snorkeling. Enjoy the beautiful world under the water.

Boracay White Beach, Philippines

If you are not looking for only clean water and white sand beach, you should visit this beach. There are different restaurants, bar, coffee shops on this beach. So, you can enjoy different things at the same time. There is no chance of getting bored on the beach. If you are planning the tour with your partner, this beach will be the best.

South Beach, Miami

Miami is internationally recognized for its beautiful beaches. If you want to spend your next vacation Miami, you should stay on the south beach. The rainbow, art deco architecture that lines this beach will give you a heavenly feeling. If you want to see the full beach, just take a fly over the beach.

Jamaica Inn Beach, Jamaica

Jamaica has different tourist attractions. Among different places, you will love most the beaches of this country. If you are thinking to spend the time only with nature, there is no alternative to this beach. There is a private beach there where you can do different things. You can do snorkeling, and other activates on the beach.