Ever had a colleague from work brag about his vacation plans or where he went for his last leave? Perhaps he boasted about visiting some resort in Thailand or a hiking trip to the Alps.

Imagine how easy it would be to draw all the crowd off of him by just saying these few simple words: “That’s cool, but have you ever shot a 50 caliber Ma Deuce in shooting range in Vegas?”.

That’s right when it comes to adrenaline-fueled tours; it really can’t get any more epic than a trip to a shooting range where you get to shoot an assortment of heavy arms to your whole heart’s content. And no one does it better than Bullets and Burgers, one of the best Las Vegas shooting ranges.

A run-down of the tour

The sun rises over the Mojave Desert like any other day as you set out towards the shooting range. Transport is, of course, included in the package, and a shuttle arrives at your hotel early in the morning to pick you up and take you on tour.

The first stop? A 15-minute trip to the Hoover dam bridge, just a sightseeing venture, before we get to the real deal: the shooting range. Once there, the next two hours are spent having the time of your life, shooting every kind of heavy firearm imaginable. The perfect sport for a man (and cool women too!).

But it’s not time to head back yet; you haven’t had your hamburger (let’s not forget your fries and soda) from World Famous Arizona Last Stop restaurant! If a thousand reviews claiming it to be the best burger America can offer are something to go by, you can be sure it’ll be one lunch you’ll never forget.

About the guns

Where do I begin? The range lets you choose from some different packages, but let’s be honest there is no point of traveling all the way up there if you don’t pick a decent one that lets you shoot a machine gun in Las Vegas or one of the signature heavy firearms.

You’ve got your MP5s, Tommy guns (for the more pop-culture savvy among us), Sterlings, M4s, AK-47s an assortment of belt-fed machine guns, 50 caliber Barret sniper rifle and Desert Eagles. And speaking of shooting 50cal in Vegas, let’s not forget the Ma Deuce.

The single deadliest weapon to come out of the end of World War 1, so epic in its payload, that It’s barely changed over the years.

You also have the option to switch over to exploding targets. You know. Just in case you want to amp things up even more.

Wrapping it all up

Now, safety is a pretty valid concern, but with protective gear and an ex-military certified training officer by your side, you don’t have anything to worry about. That being said, you do have to look out for a few requirements to be able to shoot on the trip, all of which the company will make you aware of when you’re booking your tour.

But other than that, this is probably the best Vegas shooting experience you’ll ever get. Period.