If you’ve been thinking about taking a romantic trip but you haven’t decided where to go, if you’ve never been to Rome before, you definitely should put it at the very top of the list.

That’s because if you ask just about any travel agent or international tour guide, we’re confident that they will tell you that it is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in the entire world.

If recommending Rome has piqued your interest but you would still like some additional information about why it could prove to be the perfect vacation spot for you, we have provided you with five romantic Rome travel tips for first time travelers below; ones that will be sure to make you want to book some flight and hotel reservations soon.

1.Stay in a romantic hotel.

A big part of any romantic vacation is selecting a hotel that has plenty of love and passion in the atmosphere. And in Rome, there are certainly plenty of those places to choose from. Some of our favorites include Hotel Campo de Fiori (for its velvet headboards and crystal chandeliers); Spagna Royal Suite (for its leather walls and in-room steam saunas) and Crossing Condotti (which is set up to feel more like a private apartment than an actual hotel room).

2.Do some research on romantic places visit.

One of the most memorable things about Rome is all of its many beautiful sites; some of which are extremely romantic. And speaking of romance, don’t forget to put the following places on our list: stroll along the historical stone walkway known as the Appian Way; take pictures on the famous staircase that descends from the TrinitadeiMonti and Spanish Steps; walk past the Trevi Fountain in the evening; visit Gianicolo Hill at sunset and of course, take a romantic cruise along the Tiber.

Of course, these are just a few of the many places that you can go and so we definitely recommend that you do some additional research as well.

3.Eat at some romantic restaurants.

If you love rich Italian food, it’s not going to be any better than it is in Italy. Therefore, definitely don’t go without dining at Antico Arco. Its dark floors and velvet chairs provide the perfect kind of atmosphere. Another restaurant that we are fond of is the Il Bacaro. It is ivy-draped and immersed in candlelight. And

It is ivy-draped and immersed in candlelight. And definitely, stop by the La Pergola. It features a rooftop location with a vast menu as it relates to food, wine and even water (yes, they have a section that is devoted solely to water selections).

4.Stop by a winery.

Something else that Rome is known for is its wineries. So, if you enjoy a nice glass with your meal or one of your favorite leisure activities is to visit wine tastings, Enjoy Rome, KarieParla and Roscioli are all wine tasting venues that natives enjoy.

5.Speak with some of the locals once you arrive.

Even with all of the recommendations that we made, the people of Rome will be able to tell you about romantic spots that tourist websites may not even know about. For instance, many locals enjoy spending time at the farm accommodation Il Bagolaro, which is a romantic bed and breakfast.

So jot down a list of things to see before you go, but also be open to the surprises that you hear about along the way. After all, spontaneity is a big part of what makes for a romantic vacation.