Planning ahead of time is crucial if you are gearing up to go a big trip or family vacation. Not all places are the same; therefore, you need to research the place ahead of time so that you are prepared in the best way possible.

This will able you to deal with all sorts of unsolicited situations and make the best of your trip.

Now if you are currently planning a trip to Norway then welcome aboard as we take you through the ins and outs of planning a memorable vacation by a Norway 10 day itinerary that is sure to make your 10 days in Norway unforgettable!

Checking Weather Reports

Let’s face it, Norway is not exactly known for its all-year-round pleasant weather; however, do not let that dampen your spirits (excuse the pun). This means that you will have to be extra careful about weather reports etc.

For starters, plan your trip for the summers, so you have a better chance of getting some sunny days to travel around and explore. In addition, do not rely on the weather predictors on your smartphone.

Instead, use a certified weather source based in Norway for accurate predictions. Even so, there may still be surprises down the road, but that’s just Mother Nature, and there’s nothing you can do about it except take it in stride and enjoy yourself either way!


The most convenient and economical way to move around Norway is to rent a car. It gives you the freedom to go wherever you choose at your own pace.

The roads in Norway, especially those leading to popular tourist spots, are very well made and clean, you should not run into much traffic on those.

On the way, you can find various cabins and hotels where you can stop to take a breather.


As for finances, the best strategy is to plan ahead of time. For instance, if you plan on taking the ferry then buy your tickets in advance to prevent any frustration later on.

For some other expenses, you have to accept the fact that money is going to be spent, might as well have a good time while you are there!   


Now you can go ahead and layout exactly how you plan to spend your 10 days in Norway while having the best time and keeping the budget in check, happy trails!