Many Muslims from all over the world go to Makah and Medina every year for praying and fasting. Before going for Umrah, it is important to look for Umrah packages that would help you make your tour easy.

If you are a citizen of the UK and want to do Umrah then here are few tips to follow which would give you maximum benefit and would cost you less.

Here are some tips for the best Umrah Packages from the UK.

  1. Always plan

Planning is the secret of a successful trip. It often happens that you don’t make a clear plan and haven’t searched anything for your trip and then at the last moment you end up contacting a travel agent.

For a safe trip, it’s better to plan and search all about it on the internet. Make a proper plan on how you can save money, hotels to stay in, and cost of food.

  1. Find a trusted Travel Agent

Another important step is to find a trustworthy and good travel agent. Travel agents make your work much easier. They manage your air tickets, Umrah visa, transportation in Saudi Arabia, and accommodations in Makah and Medina.

But before contacting a travel agent, make sure that he is an approved dealer and don’t forget to go through reviews and ratings of the agent. You will find several good travel agents in the UK.

  1. Make use of sales

Umrah is not a cheap trip; in fact, many people can’t afford it even though their wish is to go for Umrah. Most of the Umrah Packages are not even close to being cheap because of the heavy taxation by the Saudi Government. So it is always better to look for sales as you can save a lot of money that way.

  1. Search different sites

The internet is full of deals and packages for Umrah. Many people search two to three sites or five at most, but it’s better to search nine to ten sites because few packages have a sale and people don’t even know they exist.

You can always find affordable deals if you search more. Each site will give you different deals, so don’t stop searching and look for all available sites.


All the above tips might help you save a lot of money and time to find Umrah packages in the UK. Alhadi Travels offers trusted packages witch low prices and luxurious accommodations as well as flights.

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