If you’re an aquatic adventurer, then Minnesota is certainly a place for you. With over 11,482 lakes to explore, the options are endless. From skiing to paddle sports, there are water sports for everyone.

During the winters, the lakes freeze over. It isn’t only a spectacular sight, but the sparkling playgrounds liven up with snowmobiling and dog-sledding trials.

Tips for visiting Minnesota

Before you embark on your journey to Minnesota, it’s imperative that you keep these things in your mind. It’ll ensure a hassle-free trip for you and your loved ones.

Choose Your Lodging Carefully

If you’re wondering hotel vs. motel vs. inn, you’re certainly going the right way. If you have kids and you don’t want to disturb their sleeping routine, you should scout for more than a standard room. A room with separate quarters for the kids will ensure that you and your partner enjoy some quiet time as well.

Look out for deals

If you’re traveling in a group or a family, the expenses can certainly go towards the higher end. Visit Minnesota convention and visitors bureau before and upon arrival. They would certainly guide you towards the best deals in the town.

Also, do your homework properly before coming. You can buy online tickets for festivals, museums, and other attractions at a cheaper rate online. So put your head together and start scouting for the best deals in town.

Enjoy the Moment

Inevitably things might not go as planned during a trip, so it’s important not to lose your cool and stay calm. Just go with the flow and enjoy every moment with your family. If you start panicking, the whole trip might get influenced.

If you have kids, they’ll certainly love an unexpected little adventurer so take the mishap as an opportunity to make memories. Rather than dwelling about it and feeling sorry for yourself.

Bring Good Gadgets

As Minnesota is all about water, try picking up electronics that are prone to water damage. Invest in buying things that might protect your beloved electronics. You don’t want to leave without making as many memories as possible and certainly photographs are a great way for this.


Minnesota is a great place to have fun for friends and families alike. The sheer serenity of the place and the aesthetic beauty of it would leave you breathless. Plan your accommodation, itinerary, and schedule, so you enjoy maximum over there.