Do you wish to take an unusual expedition on your next vacation? Then the lake Baikal Photo tour is just for you!

Lake Baikal, located in Siberia, is one of the must-visit places on this planet if you are a passionate traveler. And there are many reasons that are so. Here are some of them:

Reason one, the people

It is always a delight to meet people from different traditions and cultures, especially the ones with rich cultural trends.

Spending time with the Siberian people is going to give you a chance to experience the holy behavior that these people tend to exhibit towards mother nature.

They have spent years in the wild, and that has to lead them to become traditional, strong, and love towards nature.

Reason two, to become one with nature

The air around the Baikal is saturated with spirituality, so much that you will feel the aura entering you and becoming a part of you.

This way, you will be aligning yourself with nature while you are there. Going to the lake is a great chance of becoming one with nature.

The place has many trekking spots or spots where you can camp, start your on fire, and keep in touch with the simpler side of life.

Reason three, the Omul Fish

You cannot miss out on the Omul fish of the Baikal lake if you go there to visit. It is a distant relative to the Salmon fish.

The fishermen that are responsible for making the fish available to the masses live in tiny wooden houses, where they also prepare the fish before they sell them. The tourists can also go for fishing, particularly for the Omul fish.

One of the most popular ways of eating the Baikal fish is to prepare it in the form of soup called special soup, Ukha. It is liked best if it is prepared with the water from the lake.

Reason four, purifying your spiritual and physical self

According to the Buryatian legends, Baikal is a sacred area. As it is located somewhere in the middle of Asia, it concentrates on numerous energies and forces. The lake is also believed to purify the soul of everyone in its vicinity.

If you choose to pay attention to the pattern of the waves and the winds coming from the sea, you will feel their energy being transferred to you.