Citizenship by investment is an option that can help you travel the world easily. This industry has seen some major changes over the past few years and in particular, many changes have been made to those who wish to obtain a St. Kitts passport. If you are looking to get second citizenship, then the following should help you realize your dreams.

Where Should You Apply?

The first thing you need to keep in mind when using the citizenship by investment route is to know which country to apply for your second citizenship. Ideally, you should apply for a second citizenship in a country where you get to enjoy visa-free travel to most parts of the world.

Also, you need to make sure you apply for citizenship by investment in a country that does not charge you a lot of money. If the country that is offering second citizenship is not very desirable, then they will not charge you much.

Austria is a Good Option

A country like Austria offers citizenship by investment and its passport is the fourth most desirable in the world. Once you get this passport, you can travel to 141 countries of the world without needing a visa.

European Union Countries

A second citizenship from any European Union country also gives you the right to obtain employment and you can also use this passport to live in practically any country in the EU. When choosing your second citizenship, you need to look at how many countries it allows you to travel to without obtaining a visa. European Union passports are a good option because they allow you to open a bank account in practically every country in the world.

St. Kitt’s

If you opt for a St. Kitts passport, then you won’t get too many options though in most cases, this passport will be accepted for travel around the world.

If you are planning to use the citizenship by investment route, you need to be wary about second passport scams. You will come across many scammers who promise cheap passports and some even go to the extent of promising you a diplomatic passport. These are all scams and you will be really foolish if you fall for them.

US Citizens

Citizens of the US can get a second citizenship but this will not alter their tax filing or tax payment obligations. If you are an American citizen, then you will need to pay taxes on all the income you earn in any part of the world. If you get a second passport, then you can think about doing away with your blue document.

For anyone who is looking for a second citizenship, there are a few options that are worth exploring in greater detail. First, you may want to opt for second citizenship of Bulgaria. The thing that works best for this option is you will be able to invest a certain sum in order to obtain residency.

After one year, you can invest another sum of money to obtain your citizenship. Your cash will only be tied up for five years after which you can recoup your money. Other options worth exploring include St. Lucia, Malta, Cyprus, Austria and Russia.