If you are looking for car rentals Munich, then there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you save money and rent a car with minimum fuss or bother. The most important thing to keep in mind is that when dealing with car rentals Munich you need to learn to book your vehicle well before you actually plan on using it.

If you are booking from the US, then this tip can help you save up to fifty percent on the cost of your car rental in Munich.

Another country that is worth visiting is Iceland. When in the country,  do make sure you take a second to find out how to rent a car in Iceland. 

Extra for Traveling Across Borders

There are other things that you also need to keep in mind when hiring a car in Munich. If you plan on driving your rented vehicle across borders, then be prepared to pay a little extra. A vast majority of car rentals in Munich are going to charge you more when you cross the border, especially when crossing from Western Europe to Eastern Europe.

International Driving License May be Required for US Citizens

The good news is your driving license, especially one issued in the US, will be accepted by though you may still need to apply for and obtain an international driving license.  When driving in Munich, you will need to carry a triangle (warning) as well as a reflective jacket – both of which need to be in your car whenever you are driving in Munich.

Before leaving a roundabout in Munich, make sure you give an indication. The best way to identify an expressway in Germany is by looking for the prefix E on the name of the highway. If you see a road with a prefixed B on the name, then that indicates that it is a federal road.

Also, keep in mind that you are not allowed to use your mobile phone when driving in Germany. If caught breaking this rule, you will have to pay a 35 Euro fine.

Car Insurance

Other than license and permits, you also need to deal with car insurance. Your car insurance company and your credit card company may be willing to offer you insurance. Before buying the insurance, make sure you go over the fine print because some credit card companies may not be covering Germany.

Know The Driving Laws

It is also important for you to apprise yourself of the driving laws in Germany. Make sure you do not exceed the speed limits because the police can come down hard on you if you exceed the speed limits by a certain amount.

Munich is a very beautiful city and is the third largest in Germany. It is famous for some very attractive and unique architectural buildings and the churches in the city in particular are very exceptional. There are many car rentals in Munich. You can also think about renting a car from the airport in case you are going to arrive in Germany by plane.

Munich is a wonderful city to drive in a rented car. Be sure to check out places like Marienplatz and New Town Hall as well as the Old Town Hall. The Rauenkirche or the Cathedral Church of Our Lady is another important site that is worth checking out.