Do you love traveling? Are you willing to explore the world and have new experiences? Our travel bucket list below will help you out in fulfilling your dreams.

Property Lets Online

Plan your trip, search the best flight that suits your traveling needs and book the best hotels before landing by using Property Lets Online. This should be your first checkpoint before moving forward with your excursion plans.

Sleep Under the Stars

Nothing can match the feeling of sleeping under the sky on a beautiful starry night. It creates such a close relationship with nature.

Traveling Alone

Traveling alone has its benefits. You can interact with people from different ethnicities and make friends with people from all over the world.

Holidays in a Different Country

Holidays can be one of the best excuses to pack your bags and go on an exciting trip. Celebrate different holidays in different countries to experience different customs and traditions pertaining to the specific country.

Sky Diving

Skydiving can be a very exciting and thrilling experience that nothing else might match. Jumping from a height of 25000 ft. from an airplane and having the birds-eye view of the city can be very mesmerizing.

Safari Trips

Getting up close and personal with the wildlife should be on your travel bucket list. Safari trips in Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp or Mahali Mzuri in Kenya can be amazing experiences with wildlife eating from your hands or having a close shot of a Lion.

Pack Only a Carry on for a Long Trip

Traveling light should be your aim. Whether you are using Airbnb or staying in a hotel, you will be getting the necessary accessories for washing clothes, so keep it light and simple. No hassle of packing lots of clothes.

Northern Lights

Northern lights are such a beautiful scene that there is no way you won’t get sucked into its beautiful and magical ambiance. Travel to Iceland to experience northern lights, probably with your girlfriend, and have one of the most romantic experiences. 

Scuba Diving

After getting up close and personal with the wildlife in safari, take an excursion underwater to meet face to face with the marine life.

Hop on a Cruise

Traveling from one island to another, traveling on a cruise has its attraction and feel. Beautiful blue water around you with occasional dolphins jumping out of it, or an occasional whale coming to surface for blowing out the water from the hole in its head can be an amazing experience.