Contemplating whether or not you should book a cab in advance before you land in Frankfurt or if you should just wing it at and cross that bridge when you come to it? Here are four reasons you should opt for the latter:

1 – Get to your hotel quick and hassle-free

If you’re anything like a normal air passenger, you probably suffer from a considerable amount of jet-lag (mostly because you can never fall asleep in those awful chairs). So, trust me when I say this, but you DO NOT want to deal with having to find a ride to take you to your hotel when you land in Frankfurt.

Booking a Frankfurt airport taxi that’s in exactly the right size as you need it, that’s already waiting for you when you land, that doesn’t need to be given instructions on where to go, and one that you’ve already paid for is THE way to get to your hotel.

2 – Comfort

What can I say? Airport taxis are far more comfortable than having to take a public bus or train, or even a regular taxi that may or not be outside the airport. A premium service is exactly what it says it is: premium. Book an airport taxi, and you’re in for a very comfortable ride.

3 – Insurance

Almost all airport taxi companies offer insurance to their customers, and it’s usually a package that covers everything you could want it to cover. Which is great news, because well, shit happens. You can’t stop fate from screwing you over and landing you in a car crash.

Better to be in a taxi that’s already promised to take care of your person and belongings in such an unfortunate event, than to be in a regular taxi where you’re probably just as screwed (maybe even more) than the poor man behind the wheel.

4 – Security

While the optimist inside each of us doesn’t want to believe it so, we all know how dangerous traveling can be, especially if you’re traveling alone in a foreign country where you couldn’t name a restaurant if your life depended on it.

As such, taking taxis hanging outside the airport and public transport is a huge risk as to the drivers, and other passengers might take advantage of your vulnerability. Better to travel with a certified and secure service that you can trust instead.