New Zealand is a great country to travel and discover. People from all over the world live in New Zealand which makes it a great multi-cultural country. It is a melting-pot of different cultures with Asians and Africans asltu well.

People of New Zealand greatly respect and reward other cultures as they believe in a “fair go.” They never judge you by set rules.  In this article, we would briefly go through the culture and customs prevailing in New Zealand.


New Zealand’s official language is English, but people speak Maori as well on a national level.


Food is a source to bring people together to have a good social bond. Like many cultures, coffee and tea are important aspects of New Zealand’s culture. People are addicted to morning and afternoon teas at work-place as well.

Alcohol is also widely used as people love to drink in New Zealand. But if you want a non-alcoholic drink, you will be served accordingly. If you are under 18, you cannot either buy or drink alcohol. Smoking is strictly prohibited in public place.


People of New Zealand are great at hospitality and kindness. They treat their guests from other parts of the world with great enthusiasm and zest. They love to be the “hosts” and invite people to their place. They want to celebrate literally “everything.” This is what makes them happy all the time.

They love to take out time and enjoy with friends and family. If you go to New Zealand as a student, Kiwis will make you their “friend” instantly.

Social Norms

New Zealanders are very friendly and king overall. However, they like to keep their private life personal. People do mind asking anything personal for example monthly income or reason of not being married or not having children.

However, you can discuss anything general like sports, weather, films, etc. If they don’t like talking about any topic, they will reject without getting rude. Politeness is what makes Kiwis good human beings in the world. Generally, Kiwis are extremely patriotic and nationalistic.

Kiwis smile seeing each other a lot even if they don’t know someone. It is a national custom over there. They put off their shoes outside the home. They greet each other by planting a kiss on the cheek.

So, if you are on your trip to New Zealand, don’t offend if a Kiwi kisses you on your cheek.  Kiwis speak at really fast speed. Mostly, only native people can easily understand their English. If you are an outsider and you don’t get what has been said, don’t hesitate to ask them to repeat.

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