Are you planning to travel alone for a great adventure tour in the UK? You are at right place. Here in this travel-blog, I will tell you all the must-haves for your solo adventure trip in the great United Kingdom. It is important to pack as smartly as you can.

You must prioritize the things according to comfort and convenience for you being the first ones to pick. The adventure trip packing is somewhat different than a normal trip. Let’s have a look at few must-haves for your solo adventure trip in the UK.

1: Hidden-Security Pocket Belt

During every type of tour, cash is the most important thing to carry. It must be placed in a safe place. For adventurers, the belt with hidden security pocket is the ideal place to keep the cash. It is not easy to worn but also goes through metal detectors. It is so lightweight that you hardly feel anything put on your body.

2: Pair of Sunglasses

On the safe side, keep a pair of 2 sunglasses along you. How about buying bulletproof sunglasses which are indestructible and inexpensive simultaneously?

3: GoPro

For hiking lovers, GoPro is undoubtedly worth-packing for amazing picture quality.

4: Head-torch

How can you go trekking without a head-torch? It is must if you are exploring a historic cave or trekking when the sun sets.

5: Portable Battery

Your electronic equipment will run out of batter if you are on multi-day traveler trip. Portable battery is one of the essential things to bring along you to be connected all the time.

6: Sleeping Bag

For a sound sleep outdoors, a sleeping bag worth the little extra price as it gives you the comfort of sound sleep you need during your adventure tour.

7: Compass

A traveler can never leave home for his/her adventure trip without a compass. Make sure to get the best one for correct navigation.

8: A Large Scarf

Sun can be so harsh on you while hiking. You must cover up your head to avoid sunstroke. A large scarf is best for this purpose during hiking in summers.

9: Multi-Purpose Shoes

Instead of taking 4 or 5 pairs of shoes, take only two pairs of multi-purpose shoes. They must be waterproof, durable and comfortable at the same time. It can cost you a bit extra but save a lot of space for other important things to take along you.

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