Amidlife Traveler is a travel podcast that had me hooked from the moment I came across it. There is something very special about this podcast that effectively brings to life various travel destinations. It even allows you to discover different countries and you get to learn about new cultures.

Best of all, it has a lot of information of the history of places that you wish you could travel to and discover for yourself. If you are looking for this podcast, then it can be found at Stitcher and also at this YouTube video.

An Insightful Travel Podcast

Amidlife Traveler provides insights into tours that you can take, and in addition, it also provides some much-needed advice about sightseeing opportunities. More importantly, this travel podcast provides some very useful travel tips from people who live in the places they are describing. The podcast is also full of humor and the opinions that are expressed by local people and travelers prove to be not only very informative but also very useful.

Hear It From The Natives

There is something very special about this travel podcast. I would even go as far as saying this is the best travel podcast because nothing beats learning about Scotland travel than by hearing about it from a Scotsman named James. Even better, if you want to learn more about Ireland travel, then this podcast also provides some very useful and important information from a real Irishman.

Very Informative

We are all curious to know more about new places and we are also always looking for fresh ideas about places to take a vacation to. Amidlife Traveler is a travel podcast that provides some very useful and helpful information for people who want to travel the world. The best part is some of the information provided to you comes straight from some truly well-known world travelers.

Learn about Scotland

Season 1 of Amidlife Traveler takes you to Scotland, where a Scotsman named James provides the voice and gives you opinions and tells you stories that will quench your thirst for knowledge about Scotland. James talks about the culture of Scotland and he also describes to you what Scottish whiskey is.

Other useful tidbits of information provided to you by James include the mystery and story behind the Scottish kilt. There is also some useful information about Brexit and if you want to know more about the Vikings, then listen to this podcast because it has some very useful information about the Vikings. Amidlife Traveler is an excellent travel podcast that fills you with information that you would not otherwise find on your own.

Where Can You Find The Amidlife Traveler Podcast?

I found this travel podcast here on iTunes/Apple Podcasts. If you want to check the podcast out, then it is also available at the blog website online at, or you can just Amidlife Traveler in any major podcast player.