Ibiza – a place that requires no introduction. It has been at the forefront of the clubbing and dance scene for the past some decades. Certainly, the bars and clubs are enchanting and would certainly make your time worthwhile.

However, Ibiza is a place that offers much more than the wild nights. You can head over to the beaches or visit the quiet and rural outskirts of Ibiza. Some people aren’t aware that Ibiza offers a vast variety of pleasant restaurants.

These Ibiza restaurants can fulfill your cravings and offer a variety of cuisines to visitors. We’ve compiled a small list of restaurants that you should visit on your next trip to Ibiza.

Mikasa, Ibiza

If you enjoy Lebanese cuisine and would certainly cherish a dinner in a dream of a terrace, then certainly Mikasa is the place for you. Not only it has a great ambiance, but it’s one of those quality restaurants that have rooms as well.

The bedrooms are designed by a French designer and although small but would certainly provide you with a comfy place to hang out after a wild night.

La Oliva, Ibiza

With its prime location at one of the busiest streets of Ibiza next to the great city walls, it’s an experience eating at this restaurant.

You’ll get Mediterranean cuisine with specialties such as roast meat and fresh fish. They are quite popular in demand. Therefore, it’s recommended that you reserve a booking before visiting.

El Faro Restaurant

Situated next to the port, El Faro has a beautiful terrace with great views of the port. Also, it has a menu with local delicacies and even a live seafood tank; therefore, options are ample.

It’s a comfortable place and quite popular amongst celebrities. Celebrities from arts, politics and even some Royal families have visited this place.

Temakinho Formentera

A place that is quite popular amongst Italian visitors. It’s a brand they are familiar with from Rome and Milan, so they feel comfortable visiting it. However, the food is Japanese-Brazilian, which is an odd mix of cuisines. However, the restaurant is known to have the best sushi in town. The only way to find out is to pay a visit to them next time you visit.

Certainly, with all the glam and wild nights, taking care of your stomach is crucial. You want to eat quality food so the whole experience just get transcended into a new universe and Ibiza is certainly here to offer you that.