Nepal is certainly a popular destination when it comes to international tourism, what with it being the country that houses the largest mountain in the world, which is essentially the highest point of land on the entire planet!

However, Mt. Everest isn’t the only thing Nepal has to offer to its tourists. Here are 6 reasons why traveling to Nepal is always a great idea:

1 – There’s so much to see

You know there’s a wealth of culture to be explored when traveling Nepal as UNESCO identifies seven different locations as World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu alone!

The number of decorated streets, sacred temples, pagodas, palaces, monasteries, mosques, ancient cities, and medieval complexes this nation have staggering, and each one of them is worth looking at.

2 – It has some of the best hiking trails in the world

Forget Mt. Everest, Nepal has most of the Himalayas inside its borders, something which automatically gives it dominion over the best hiking trails in the world. So, if hiking is your thing, then you’ve to see the best treks in Nepal.

3 – Adventure sports

Hiking’s not all this country has to offer in terms of adventure; the city of Pokhara is the capital of adventure sports in Nepal, where you can paraglide, zip-line and bungee jump in the Himalayas, all very enticing activities for the thrill seekers out there.

4 – It’s not as costly as you think

Worried about breaking your bank on a trip to Nepal? Don’t, since traveling to the country is very cheap. So long as you don’t opt for the luxurious travel and accommodation options, you can travel the country at around $30 a day, without missing out on the fun stuff like hiking or paragliding. Impressive, isn’t it?

5 – The food is great

Describing Nepal’s cuisine? Three words: Simple yet delicious. Nepal is at somewhat of a crossroads when it comes to food culture, which is good news for you since you get to experience a world of flavors when you visit the country.

6 – The locals are very hospitable

Meeting a couple of unfriendly locals can spoil the mood of an entire trip. Luckily, the Nepalese are quite famous for their friendliness and hospitality, and you will seldom find someone who’s ever had a bad experience with the locals. All in all, they make you feel welcome in their country and try to help you out when they can.