If you are planning a vacation, then you have come to the right place. Here at Dovetail, we have the best collection of discreet and convenient items that are ideal for carrying your travel essentials. The collection includes pieces for both genders; men and women and can be found under the ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ sections respectively.

Dovetail Travel in Peace is dedicated to producing top of the line product for holding your travel essentials. If you are interested in getting some travel gear of your own, then you are in luck because we have a whole bunch of options you can choose from!

For Her

There is a whole line of products, i.e., travel sets for women available on Dovetail. The travel sets are designed such that they are fitting and compliment the body as well. These travels sets are comfy and stretchable so that you do not get irritated even if you are going to be out all day.

A travel set is a great place to keep your keys, wallet, and phone, etc. This will keep them safe and free your hands while you enjoy to the fullest extent. There are a few different designs you can choose from; there are the traditional nude or plain black sets, and also an Anaconda printed one if you want something a little more colorful!

Also, there are all new travel wings in similar colors along with lace travel bands that can be used for the same purpose. All these items retail for about $18 -50 so they are well within everyone’s budget.

For Him

Dovetail has long been dedicated to making products for women but has been branching out lately to cater to men as well. For men, there is the classic travel wing along with a cross body double pocket. Both items are available in a traditional black color that is highly complementary.

You can get both of them for a retail price of a mere $45. The convenience of these travel sets is such that they pretty much pay for themselves at this point.


Dovetail truly stands by its motto, ‘Travel in Peace’ owing to the comfortable and lightweight travel sets that they have put out on the market. Not only are they convenient, but they are also stylish to look at. Therefore, we believe that every traveler needs these products as part of their carry on!