Medical tourism has been growing rapidly in India for the past few years. The sector of India’s medical tourism has been estimated to be worth the US $3 billion. The promotion of Medical Tourism in India in recent years has helped a lot of people capitalize on the market opportunity.

There are a lot of advantages for medical tourism in India. Cost of treatment is very reasonable. It has helped many people in the market. India is particularly known for heart surgery and hip replacement surgery.

Quality of care

The quality of care in India is very good. They care a lot about their tourists. A lot of people are coming to India for their treatment. The health sector of India is well organized. There are almost 33 JCI officially authorized hospitals. However, it is important for a person traveling to India, to know and find about optimal Doctor Hospital combination.

The biggest advantage is that, after the patient is being treated, he has a choice to either get better at the hospital or any paid accommodation nearby. Many hospitals also have an option to continue their treatment through telemedicine.

One of the cities of India, Chennai, is known as the “India’s Health Capital.” It has lots of hospitals across the city that brings in almost 150 patients every day. Nearly 45 percent of the people coming from abroad as health tourists and 30 to 40 percent of domestic health tourists are attracted to Chennai.

Ease of traveling

Many people can easily travel to India. The biggest advantage is that there aren’t any visa restrictions for tourist’s visa that require a two-month gap between consecutive visits, which causes more people to come to India and boosts medical tourism.

Medical tourism in India has increased tremendously in recent years, and almost 200,000 patients travel to India each year to seek medical treatment. India has a high quality of medical services, and extremely reasonable and affordable cost of medical treatment is available, which are the leading reasons why people are attracted to India from all over the world.

Medical companies in India help foreign to seek medical treatment from one of the best hospitals. Which are located in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai are some of the top Indian destinations that receive the highest number of medical tourists each year.