Are you wondering what medical tourism means? Well, the people who travel to another country to receive any kind of medical care, equal to or greater than they have in their own country is called medical tourism.


UAE has finally got its position as the destination of choice for medical tourists, because of its great art technology, affordable treatment, and highly qualified doctors.  UAE is making a new record of the highest growth rates between 2017 and 2022 at 9.6 percent and 9.1 percent. The growth of the UAE’s medical tourism industry is transforming the country into a complete medical tourism hub.

Medical procedure ranging from dental surgery, cosmetic correction, to orthopedic surgery in now provided at high quality and affordable rates in UAE. In 2016, the medical tourism index, which ranks countries and cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were ranked as 16th and 25th best destination for a medical tour all over the world.


2018 was the year when many revolutionary changes occurred in the UAE’s business environment. This year witnessed many great reforms in favor of businessmen and professionals and announced a ten-year visa for highly specialized professionals, such as doctors and researchers.

In 2020 there would be more tourists in the UAE, for both leisure and medical tourism. It is now attracting a range of people from all over the world for medical tourism in UAE.

UAE has already started taking important steps to boost and improve the hospitality center to bring it to the top five global medical tourism destinations.

How the UAE became a medical tourism Hub

In the Gulf States, expenses of treatment became a burden on budgets of ministries. An amount of $30 billion was too much. That is when the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) decided to develop the health sector with necessary legislation and policies to create an environment that spurs growth.

Perhaps, that is what UAE realized back in the 2000s. UAE bagged 25 percent of total health care spending by GCC government. This rate raised in the next two years probably because of additional facilities and equipment for medical treatment, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The UAE medical tourism industry became a huge success. It was recognized as the global medical hub. The UAE today has joined several authoritative partnerships to bring in advanced health and care technologies, practices, and standards from the West.