Some say travel is a luxury not everyone can afford, and with the hair-raising prices of hotels and airfare these days, one might start believing this convenient lie.

Because it’s so easy to blame your budget for not being able to go out and travel like you want to. However, the truth of the matter is, travel on a budget isn’t just possible; it’s quite practical.

Curious as to how you can fulfill your desire to see the world on a modest budget? Read on.


One of the biggest expenses you’ll ever have to pay while traveling is accommodations. And it’s not like you can just skip out on this investment; you have to sleep SOMEWHERE after all. But before you waste all your money on booking the first hotel room you find, why not do a little research.

You’d be surprised at the number of cheap (or even free) rooms you could find with a simple Google search or looking up some hotel booking sites.

Granted, their living conditions aren’t going to be as lavish or comfortable as a private hotel room, but they’ll serve you just fine all the same. Besides, staying at a dorm room with fellow travelers or a host family is an experience on its own.


Another unavoidable expense travelers have to put up with is food. The most convenient solution for all their food needs is to eat at their hotel or survive off of fast food chains or restaurant meals. But what if I told you that you could save a lot of money by just cooking the food yourself.

It’s not like traveling with a portable stove, and a small pan is too hard; they’re a lot lighter than you think. Cooking might feel like a hassle, but you’ll be even more grateful at the money you saved by just buying your groceries locally and cooking yourself a meal.

Increasing your budget as you go along

Say you should have proper American holidays by travelling as many American cities as you can. A lofty goal like that is going to cost a lot more than any modest budget could ever hope to cover. Now you could cut down on your goal, or you could increase your budget by working as you go along.

Thanks to online freelancing platforms, you can work from anywhere in the world; pick up small gigs each day while traveling and work online to earn money as you travel.

You could even find work in every city as you pass through it. The bottom line is that if you look hard enough, you’ll find something to help you push through to the end.